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Next Meeting - Thursday February 15th - 12:00pm.

Our next CFUG meeting will be Thursday, February 15th 2018 - 12:00 at Syracuse Coworks in Syracuse NY. Hope to see you there! 

Topic: Using Docker for Local Development

This presentation will cover the how's and the why's of using docker to aid in your development. Even if you have no plans to use docker in production, you can still reap some of its benefits in your day to day development. In this presentation you'll learn how to write a Dockerfile and how to use Docker Compose to create easy to duplicate environments consisting of multiple containers.

Meeting Location:

201 E. Jefferson St. Syracuse NY 

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Hope to see everyone there!

Next Month

If anyone has something they'd like to present at the next meetings please let Jim or Pete know. You can do the multiple topic (shorter) topics or the full length topic, either would be great! Or if you have any ideas about topics you would like to see discussed that would be welcome as well.

Thanks again

Jim and Pete


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We are looking for speakers and or topics for future meetings if you have something - a tool, code, overview - you'd like to present let us know!